oil mill

The cooperative oil mill Pozzuolese was formed in 1968 as a branch of an old mill dating from 1900. The initiative was taken by a small number of local producers, with the purchase of land and construction of a new mill, with appropriate facilities to improve the quality of oil produced in the area, in the interests of the manufacturer and partner of consumer client. In 2005 in the presses plant was replaced with a modern machinery in a continuous cycle. The company's commitment has always been to the pursuit of quality with the technical monitoring of the olive groves, Rates definition of collection, processing times of olives, oil storage. Il Frantoio is located in Umbria, on the shores of Lake Trasimeno, about 4 km from Castiglione del Lago, a beautiful medieval town, inserted in the club of the "Most Beautiful Villages of Italy". Many of the present olive groves in the hills around Lake Trasimeno are characterized by old trees.


Since 1968 the members of Oleificio Pozzuolese engage with passion and dedication to the oil enhancement product area.


Through appropriate systems and modern machinery, the company engages in the research of a continuous improvement of the quality.


The experience of the producers contributes to the production of a high quality oil, always maintaining the traditions and local cultures.

The quality of an oil depends:

- The freshness of healthy olives, which must be collected when ripe
- The soil and climate conditions of the places where they are grown
- By the retention of olives harvested in perforated containers so that they remain ventilated before milling
- From their processing within 24 hours, as well as the skill of the miller in knowing how to properly turn the olives into oil
- The storage of oil.

There is oil and oil …


Within the corporate structure we have a direct sales shop with tasting sessions and tours. The company adheres to the chain traceability system in cooperation with APROL Perugia obtaining the relevant certification. E 'for some time, engaged in the dissemination of production techniques, processing and olive oil enhancement of quality' higher oil.